Lessons Learned: Battlefield Deception

A MUST READ for all unit leaders! A quick and insightful compilation of vignettes taken from history. Perfect for educating leaders during professional development sessions. Explore military deception through the venerable lenses of Sun Tzu, Carl von Clausewitz to Norman Schwarzkopf.

These engaging vignettes provide brief but compelling glimpses into the genius and tragedy of wits and wills put to the ultimate test. Learn to incorporate deception into your tactics.

Examine, Learn, and Apply Elements from the Following Scenarios:

  • An impossible hostage rescue
  • A cavalry charge into automatic weapons fire
  • Stampeding cattle breaking through enemy lines, and soldiers
  • betrayed by their own weapon systems

…all just a small glimpse into the enticing legacy of military deception

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Lessons Learned: Battlefield Deception